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Latest Update

Version 5.00 (in beta, 8 jan 2010)


Word Wrap

Spelling checker

Clickable hyperlinks

Coloring of user defined classes.

User Interface

Wide screen support for the start page.

Smooth fonts for the options dialogs.

Code Completion

Improved code-completion for generics.

Performance improvements.

Optional feature to disable the auto insertion of brackets.

Optimize Imports

Auto insert missing import statements.

Delete absolute import statements.

Sort the import list as optional feature.

Symbol check

Misspelled class, variable en method calls are colored in red.

Rename Symbol

Refactory of methods, variables and classes globally.

Import Suggestion

Popup for inserting missing import statements.

Version 4.50


Enhanced algorithm for auto inserting brackets,

New color scheme.


High performance native Java Debugger,

Expandable data tooltips to view objects on the fly,

Remote Debugging via Sockets or Shared Memory,

Added local, thread, watches, callstack windows,

Modify primitive data objects during runtime,

Directly view the ToString output of objects,

Debug a single file or project.


Re-arranged de build and run command menus.

Code Completion

Enhanced code-completion for generic types.

Help Files

New content,

The manual can now be viewed in a standalone window.

Environment Settings

LE and Pro edition share their settings when both are installed,

Settings can now be saved per user, local or in the installation directory.

User Interface

Enhanced the user interface for Windows Vista,

Use drag & drop to stack documents under- or next to eachother,

Quick Document Navigation via Ctrl+Tab,

Enhanced error dialogs for incorrectly configured JDK Profiles,

Optional feature to display a close button on the active document tab,

Version 4.00


Block selection,


New color scheme,

Margin difference to track changes,

Margin icons,

Multi row document tabs,

Persistent bookmarks,

Persistent folding states,

Code snippets macros,

Code snippets can be configured per document class.

Find & Replace

All find features are grouped in a single resizable window,

Option to clear the output pane,

Option to look in archive files,

Option to display the results in a tree hierarchy.


Added virtual projects which are not bound to the file system,

Enhanced project wizard templates,

Added customizable file wizard templates,

Quick access via the main toolbar,

Optimized start up procedure.

Task View

Added a priority, status and category column,

Group by category,

Group by completed tasks,

Refresh command for todo comments.

Printable as a report.


Added Build Workspace,

Added the option Compile & Execute.

Ant Integration

Enhanced syntax highlighting,

Ant code completion,

Ant code snippets,

Ant targets can be binded to the build menu.

Start Page

Displays the recent projects,

RSS support for the latest forum and company topics.

Code Completion

Added the completion of syntax keywords,

Added Acronyms; short and simple abbreviations for symbols,

On the fly code-completion,

Option to shrink the popup when possible,

Code snippets are merged.

Help Files

New content,

Fully integrated in the environment.

Environment Settings

Windows registry support has been discontinued,

Fully XML based files.

Version 3.50


Additional options for the Data View such as displaying inherited members and various ways to sort them,

The code-completion of JCreator has a new popup for displaying detailed api documentation,

Find by Symbol is a new advanced search mechanism to lookup identifiers in your code,

Support for unicode files and asian characters,

Export source code to HTML with the preservation of syntax coloring.


New set of icons and several other tweaks to the user-interface.

Rendering of all available system fonts.

Find in Files has the option to restrict the scope to the files visible in the current project.

Option to display the full path name in the title bar.

Version 3.10


The file view has now the option to highlight the items which are not synchronized with the version control repository.


Support of the JSDK 1.5 Tiger language.
Parsing of JSDK 1.5 source files
Added code completion for static imports.
Added code completion for the 'enum' type.
Added code completion for the enhanced 'for' loop.

The version control commands are now available via the context menu of the active project.

The cvs root string can be edited manually to support additional protocols.

version 3.00


CVS integration.

Support for ANT build scripts

JSP development

Task View

Code Folding

Color printing.

Console functionality for the output views

Auto complete of brackets.


Code completion.
For standard and user defined JSP tags and embedded Java code.
HTML tags.
Displays members, methods and packages anywhere in the document.

Tabbed document selector.

Re-designed User Interface look.

Improved File and Project manager.

Improved Syntax highlighting.

Re-design of the wizards.

Added a new tool macro $[ActiveOutputPath].

Added a new tool macro $[AntClassPath].

Added a new tool macro $[PrjAntHome].

version 2.50


Context Sensitive Help for methods, variables and classes.

A tooltip which provides the syntax for a variable, method or class selected in the editor.

Source code browsing :
Go to declaration.
Go to type declaration.
Go to super method.

Added a new tool macro $[ModJavaFiles], which represents a list of modified('dirty') Java files.

A new color directive for displaying the Text Limiter Line in the editor.

A new color directive for highlighting the current cursor line.

The editor has a new feature for automatically inserting the asterisk character while editing in comment blocks.

Save Documents window, which appears after closing all the documents.

Added a new Find dialogue for replacing strings in multiple files.

Added regular expressions and other advanced features in the Find and Replace dialogs.

Added an optional feature for trimming trailing spaces when saving a document.

Changes in the behavior of the double mouse click action in the editor.
Double-click at the end of the line selects the whole line.
Double-click at the beginning of a line selects the first text block.
Double-click in a white space block selects the white space block if it contains more than one space character.

Added hyperlinks in the identifier tooltip for source code browsing.

Added an optional feature for releasing classpath resources.

Added an optional auto-scroll functionality for the output views.


Fading/transparent tooltips in the editor. See Options | Code Completion.

It's not required anymore to compile the project in order to the see changes in code-completion popup.

The parameter info popup now also displays the name of the parameters, instead of only the parameter type.

The Code Templates command from the Edit menu has a new key shortcut 'Ctrl+Shift+N'.

The ClassView now follows the selection changes in the FileView.

The 'inserts bean methods' feature now makes use of the Java class StringBuffer for implementing the method 'toString'.

All the references to 'function(s)' have been replaced with 'method(s)'.

Performance improvements regarding the code-completion module.

Performance improvements for handling large projects and source files.

The width of the code-completion window has been adjusted.

version 2.00


Pop-up code completion.

Pop-up code snippets.

Integration of the Javadocs.

Debugger Interface.

Custom document types.

Interface Implementation tool.

Bean properties tool.

Single instance option.

Toolbar find listbox.

Edit - Highlighting of matching braces.

Edit - Delete line.

Edit - Select word, line, braces.

Edit - Append cut and copy

Edit - Join and duplicate lines

Edit - Tabs to spaces and visa versa.

Edit - Leading tabs to spaces and visa versa.

Edit - Insert and remove comments.

Edit - Ctrl + F3 find.

Shortcut for walking through the resultset of output view.

New option for disabling the syntax highlighting.

New option for opening the syntax definition file.

New option for creating empty workspaces.

Bold and Italic format for the Courier New font.


Additional options for the classwizard, including classpath browser.

Advanced printing settings.

The open File dialog remembers the last used path.

New "ExtCommentStartAlt" and "ExtCommentStartAlt" directives for the syntax files.

The "Add Package" window, allows users to select and add multiple jar (zip) files.

Displaying the cursor in the middle of the screen after goto line operations.

Added a new tool macro $[CurLineNr].

New project template macro for lower-case names.

New project template macro for upper-case names.

Disabled the 'Duplicate File' message box.