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Steve Loughran

Steve Loughran

Java Development with Ant

Paperback: 672 pages
Publisher: Manning Publications (August, 2002)
ISBN: 1930110588

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From the Back Cover


The most widely used build tool for Java projects, Ant is crossplatform, extensible, simple and fast. It scales from small personal projects to large, multi-team J2EE projects. And, most important, it's easy to learn.

Java Development with Ant, systematically covers the basics and then explores powerful and creative uses for Ant. It steps through everything you need to know to compile, test, package and deploy an application. It then gently guides you through the maze of more complex situations common in larger projects such as enterprise Java applications and Web Services.

What's inside

  • Ant's datatypes and property handling
  • JUnit testing and reporting
  • Continues integration techniques
  • XDoclet for attribute-oriented programming
  • EJB-generation, building and packaging
  • Writing and testing native code
  • Building Web Services with Apache Axis
  • Deploying your system to multiple remote servers
  • Using and writing: Loggers, Listeners, Selectors, Custom tasks and FilterReaders.