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Ivor Horton

Ivor Horton

Ivor Horton's Beginning Java 2, 5th Ed

Paperback: 1512 pages
Publisher: Wrox; 5 edition (December 20, 2004)
ISBN: 0764568744

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Combining simplicity with power, Java has become the object-oriented language of choice for Internet programming and cross-platform applications. This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide provides you with the essential information you'll need to know in order to develop dynamic programs using the Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0 or later.
You'll be introduced to the fundamental ideas about the structure of Java programs and how they work. You'll gain a clear understanding of all the latest features of the Java language as well as the key packages in the Java class library. And with the help of numerous working examples, you'll find out how to apply the material so you can write your own full-featured applications and applets.

This book teaches you how to start programming in Java, covering everything from putting together statements and performing calculations to applying the capabilities provided by the Java class libraries, and much more.

What you will learn from this book

  • The basics of how the Java language works
  • Ways to apply key language elements
  • Methods for storing data in a program
  • How to define and utilize classes
  • How to create applets for use in interactive Web pages
  • Techniques for implementing an application with a graphical user interface
  • How to use the JDBC capability to work with relational databases
  • All the skills to become a knowledgeable Java programmer

This book is for anyone who wants to explore how Java works and discover how to write fully featured and effective Java programs. No previous Java experience is necessary.

From Ivor Horton


JCreator is an outstanding Interactive Development Environment for Java that is ideal for both newcomers to Java and seasoned professionals. The user interface is exceptionally fast and intuitive which makes it a snap to learn, and it is a highly productive development tool for a comprehensive range of Java applications.

In my experience the choice of IDE for beginners is a critical decision that can profoundly affect the rate at which students make progress. Some Java IDEs have a steep learning curve that represents a serious barrier for the beginner. Some also have project management and productivity enhancing capabilities that may be fine for professionals, but can be confusing and difficult for newcomers and mask essential details that need to be understood. In some instances there can be release dependencies built in to the IDE, which means that you cannot use a new Java release without first upgrading the IDE.

JCreator has none of these disadvantages. In addition to offering the full professional development product in the form of JCreator Pro, Xinox Software have the enlightened policy of providing JCreator LE as a freeware offering that is more than adequate for beginners. This offers tremendous advantages to educational establishments and individuals who are learning Java. Firstly, students can obtain everything they need for learning the Java language at no cost. Secondly they can work with JCreator without being obligated to use the more sophisticated features that it offers until they are ready to do so. This allows students to work at a very simplistic level initially when they need to be doing everything for themselves. They can then use additional features to aid productivity when they have a good grasp of the basics. Of course, there is also the bonus that there is virtually no learning curve when they are ready to take advantage of the advanced features provided by the Professional version of JCreator because the GUI is the same.

I have been using JCreator for my own work with Java since it first became available and I have been uniformly delighted with its performance, reliability, and productivity. For me the ease with which I am able switch between different Java releases has proved to be a tremendous asset. I thoroughly recommend JCreator to beginners and professionals alike.