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Before using JCreator, install the Java Development Kit (JDK) from Oracle, Sun Microsystems. You will need to download and install both the JDK and the Java API documentation.

Java Development Kit (JDK)

Go to the download page for JDK Version 1.8:

Click on the [download JDK] button of JDK 8 update 92, and you will be forwarded to the download page.

Double check that the download page is for Java SE Development Kit 8u92

Select windows as platform and click on the link with the red arrow

Install the JDK in the default directory C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0\.

Java API Documentation

You can download the documentation, or bookmark the following link

Go to the download page for JDK Version 1.8:".

Scroll to the bottom till the section Additional Resources

Download the file

Unzip the archive in the same directory as the JDK; that is, C:\..\jdk1.8.0\.

Using the Setup Wizard to Start JCreator

Launch JCreator.

Follow the Setup wizard, setting the paths to C:\..\jdk1.8.0\ and C:\..\jdk1.8.0\docs.

Starting JCreator Without Using the Setup Wizard

With JCreator active, open the Options window from the Configure menu.

Click the JDK Profiles option.

Click the default item in the list, and click Edit.

Ensure that the Name field shows the correct version of the selected JDK directory; in this case, JDK version jdk1.8.0.

Set the JDK Home path by clicking the Browse button next to this field.

Browse to the root directory of the JDK installation: C:\..\jdk1.8.0\. Click OK.

Click the Documentation tab, and Add the path: C:\..\jdk1.8.0\docs. Click OK.

Close the windows.