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JCreator Lite (35$) JCreator Pro (79$)
Selection margin with line numbers and file difference x x
Instant color syntax selecting x x
Unlimited Undo/Redo capability x x
Visible display of tabs and spaces x x
A powerful search and replace engine for single and multiple documents x x
Auto-indent x x
Word completion x x
Bookmarking x x
Format text capabilities x x
Advanced edit commands for selecting and deleting text x x
Comment selections x x
Code folding x x
Block selection x x
Colored bracket matching x x
Code templates with context macros x x
Add or modify existing document classes for syntax selecting x
Word Wrap new! x x
Spelling new! x

User Interface

JCreator Lite JCreator Pro
Customizable toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and user-defined button images x x
Tabbed documents (multi row, re-orderable, context menus) x x
Dockable toolbars and workspace windows x x
Auto-hide workspace windows x x
Full screen mode x x
Intelligent docking assistants x x

File Management

JCreator Lite JCreator Pro
File templates with context macros x x
Workspace stucture for grouping projects x x
Projects mounted to system directories x x
Projects based on virtual folders x x
Delete, rename, include and exclude files directly from the File View x x
Integrated CVS x
File properties viewer x x


JCreator Lite JCreator Pro
Class and Interface wizard x x
Implement Interface wizard x
Insert Bean Methods wizard x
File splitter x x
Build Project, Folder or File x x
Execute & Build Project x x
JDK Tools x x
JDK Profiles x x
JDK Debugger x
Classpath management x x
Libraries x x
Code Identifier x x
Code Completion x x
Code Refactory new! x
Optimize Imports new! x
Symbol Check new! x
Import Suggestion new! x
User Class Coloring new! x x
Context-sensitive help on Java classes, methods and variables x
Source code navigation x x
Runtime configurations x x
Java Console x x


Editor JCreator Lite JCreator Pro
Colored syntax selecting x
Code Completion for tags, Java and HTML x
Code Templates x


JCreator Lite JCreator Pro
Colored syntax selecting x
Code Completion x
Code Templates x
Data view explorer x
Assign targets to IDE commands x