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Since JCreator's first release in April 2000, we have received thousands of emails from people telling us why they like (even love!) JCreator. Here are some recent customer comments to give you an idea of why and what they like about JCreator. See and find out why people that took the time to email us can save your time in deciding which Java IDE to buy. We value customer feedback and over the course of the last year we have received many comments about previous versions. We have incorporated many suggestions into the new major release to allow you to enjoy it even more! If you would like to tell us about your experiences with JCreator or suggest ideas for new features, please take a moment to fill out our feedback form..



- When I wrote "Java 2 For Dummies,2nd Edition," I demanded a lot from a Java development environment. I needed an environment that's powerful, efficient, versatile, easy to use, and inexpensive. I found this combination of qualities in only one product: JCreator from Xinox Software. JCreator is a wonderful product. I hope you enjoy using it.

Barry Burd (author of Java for Dummies)


- JCreator is an outstanding Java development tool. In my view it is particularly suitable for beginners because of its easy-to-learn, intuitive, but powerful user interface. Beginners can use JCreator in a way that suits their level of expertise so they only need to get into the more advanced features when they are ready.

Ivor Horton (author of Beginning Java 2)


- I've used JCreator Pro as a training tool and to write a number of applications. It has always met my needs completely and I've found it the easiest tool to use from several that I've tried. In fact, I like JCreator Pro so much that it appears in three of the books that I've written about Web services and in several articles for magazines. One of the features I like best is how JCreator Pro lets you work with multiple libraries, including the third party libraries needed to create robust Web services applications without a lot of hassle. I recommend this tool for anyone who is serious about creating Java applications with a minimum of fuss.

John Mueller (author of Mining Amazon Web Services)


- I started using JCreator over two years ago, and I just wanted to say that it has never let me down. It is phenomenal what you have done! I have recommended JCreator to all of my fellow college students (and even a few college instructors) for Java editing, and all have been impressed. Keep up the good work!

Dan Jacques (University of Maryland)


- When learning Java there is no better IDE than JCerator. The feature set is a perfect balance of every essential feature: Headache free learning curve, ease of use, syntax highlighting, automatic-tabulation and de-tabulation and one-click 'fingertip' controls for compile and execution, all packaged within a pleasing look and feel. Whilst covering all the bases JCreator has an efficient user interface, immediate productivity is possible owing to its streamlined workflow which compliments a rich feature set. I have had so much frustration with alternatives that are just too skinny or just too fat it's great to finally uncover the pain-free IDE. If, for example, you are a beginning Java programmer who needs an IDE that will grow with your programming experience, don't even contemplate the Java jungle without JCreator.



- "The excellency of your software"
I have to thank you for writing such an excellent piece of software. I've been searching for a simple, one window IDE, and have finally found it. Thanks for writing a program where I could code 'right out of the box', rather than spends hours pouring over manuals.

Harry Flowers


- Hey I just wanted to say thanks for a great program! We developed the java version of our game, Kung Fu Chess, entirely with JCreator. It's won several awards recently, including Audience Choice at this year's Independent Games Festival at the Game Developer's Conference. Anyway, thanks again. We appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into it!

Dan Goldstein (Shizmoo Games, Inc)


- I would first like to congratulate you on your fine product. I personally use it just about every single day. It's in my opinion a very well thought out and easy to use product. Your highlight syntaxing is excellent and your index searchability of the java doc's is a wonderful feature. Keep up the good work.

Mark Lee (Havoc Industries)


- I'm just sending this mail to tell u that, even after having used jcreator for 1 year now, i still haven't found the slightest missing feature... everything a java developer needs is there, right at hand... the program never crashes, it's friendly (and i dare saying that it's even beautiful !), easy to use, ... what else can one ask ? so i want to thank you for having made programming in java easy and attractive... and for having made that for free!



- Really great program that you have here... I love it! I have looked at 12 other IDEs, including JBuilder, Elixier, Forte etc. And have decided to use yours because of its intuitive interface and helpful features.

Mark Waschkowski (Canada)