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Advanced editor with code-folding

Popup for code completion

Popup for code snippets

Popup for code identifiers

Source code navigation

JSP, Ant and CVS support

Feature rich Debugger


Congratulations on the best Java IDE I have seen so far!
Jonathon Merz

Just wanted to let you guys know that JCreator is such a good and easy IDE to use. I like it alot.
I have tried about 10-20 other editors and yours is the best.
John (The waveguy, USA)


JCreator is a powerful IDE for Java
JCreator is the development tool for every programmer that likes to do what he does best: programming. It is faster, more efficient and more reliable than other Java IDE’s. Therefore it is the perfect tool for programmers of every level, from learning programmer to Java-specialist.

JCreator provides the user with a wide range of functionality such as : Project management, project templates, code-completion, debugger interface, editor with syntax highlighting, wizards and a fully customizable user interface

With JCreator you can directly compile or run your Java program without activating the main document first. JCreator will automatically find the file with the main method or the html file holding the java applet, then it will start the appropriate tool.

JCreator is written entirely in C++, which makes it fast and efficient compared to the Java based editors/IDE's.


5 Jan 2015
JCreator 5.10.004 update for license issues

4 Aug 2014
JCreator 5.10 support for Windows 8.1

10 May 2012
JCreator 5.00 support for Google App Engine.

23 Dec 2011
JCreator 5.00 maintenance release.

18 Mar 2011
Community Forums new look and features.

10 Mar 2010
JCreator 5.00 has been released.

10 Nov 2009
JCreator installation videos.

17 Aug 2007
JCreator 4.50 has been released.

12 May 2006
Announcement of version 4.00 feature list

4 Feb 2005
Java Books section opened.

13 Dec 2004
JCreator 3.50 has been released.

04 Nov 2002
JCreator tutorial at JavaWorld.